Teaching Philosophy

My Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

School should be fun! Especially when it comes to science. There will always the boring memorization of terms, but the lecture itself does not need to be boring. Engaging students with quirky, outside the norm antics and lessons that utilize their digitally focused lives will help them to grasp the information.

I believe in an entertainment-based philosophy to teaching. People enjoy entertainment, they seek it out in their free time. If you think of ways to delivery the material in a way that feels like entertainment then the topics will grab the attention of the students. They might even learn something.

Possibilities for entertainment-based educating are as endless as your imagination. Instead of having them write research papers, have them write a blog once a week about a topic they enjoyed learning about. Instead of memorizing terms by copying them into note books, play a game with flash cards, or have them play balderdash by coming up with creative false definitions and have other students guess which one is real.

Quality education should be the cornerstone of our society. I feel that many of our country’s problems – crime, poverty, wealth disparity, poor health – can be resolved if we focus our attention on building a bright future for our youth. Segregation in cities and a lack of equal funding distribution leaves some districts are a severe disadvantage. Every parent wants to provide the best opportunities for their children’s future, but the historic marginalization of minority groups has forced them into a cycle where it is nearly impossible to for them to move out of their social status. An equitable education will not only afford these communities the chance for social mobility, but our nation will be all the greater for it.