Personal Learning Network

I have complied a list of resources that I have made use of in my educational endeavors. Please feel free to use any of these to help build your personal learning network. 

Influential Educators

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken is an educator, writer, researchers, and public speaker. He is known for his books and TED talks on education. He was even appointed a knight by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Vicki Davis

CoolCat Teacher blog and Podcast showcase an eclectic mix of topics each week to help improve your classroom dynamic and craft a unique learning experience.

Sugata Mitra

This revolutionary educator was the 2013 TED Prize award for his invention of the “Learning in the Cloud” education model.

Education Organizations

The Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a space where teachers can learn and grow their skills by viewing, learning, and passing along new techniques.

America Achieves Educator Network

A subset of Industry Dive, this publication gives analysis on all things happening in the industry of education.

Khan Academy

Learning for all ages on all platforms, Khan offers practice exercises, videos, and your own personal dashboard. Content contributes include NASA, Museum of Modern Art, and MIT.

Science Learning

the Physics Classroom

This is a great learning aid for students and teachers alike. Geared mostly towards beginner levels, this is a great way to practice and check you knowledge.

StarTalk Radio with
Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of my favorite Podcasts, deGrasse Tyson and a rotating line up of comedians take on relevant topics on all things space (and sometimes general science).


German for “In a Nutshell,” these cute animated videos are great resources for learning complex ideas. So deep, some will even leave you with a momentary existential crisis.

Digital Enrichment


Short for International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE aims to transform education by rethinking the way we use technology for teaching.

Ed Tech K-12

Ed Tech discusses issues between education and technology faced by K-12 teachers.

Schell Games

Schell Games is one of the largest education game development companies in the U.S.


TED Talks

This non-profit promotes short, informal, and inspirational videos of public speakers on any number of topics from technology, to business, to global politics.


This online community hosts classes in just about any skill you can think of. If you want to learn something new, check out their courses. Unfortunately, this is not a free resource, but you do get a 30 day free trial.


Flipboard is like a Pinterest board for stories, articles, and news. If you have ever had the thought “wish I had the time to read that now” or “this person would love this,” then you should use Flipboard.

Other Favorites

Discovery Education

I loved watching the Discovery channel on TV when I was young. The programs they offered always made me think, “why wasn’t school more like this?” Now, online!

National Public Radio

How I ever got along in life without this I do not know. I stay connected through the stories I hear and the news I take in from public radio. Enjoy it as a podcast, streaming, through the mobile app, or the old fashioned way, via radio waves.

Rocky Mountain
PBS Learning Media

Wonderful class ready modules that are easily searchable by subject and/or grade level. Many videos are even available in multiple languages which is great for diverse student communities.