Web and Mobile Design

Web and Mobile Design

*Coming May 2019

An interactive science experience where kids and adults can learn all the fun facts about their favorite fields in science, including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental, Geology, and Physics.

This website is my final project for INTE 5680 and will be completed by the end of the semester Spring 2019.

A choose your own adventure style mLearning app that explores the final three possible outcomes of the stellar life cycle. Our Sun, a relatively modest size star, will likely be on the path towards white dwarf.

To play the game follow this link.

(Note: Not to be confused with Death Star, which is apparently copy written)

Built Global’s website was the corner stone

 of an interactive, emerging technologically focused, Alternative Reality Game. For this project I was the head of asset design, creating tangible game “pieces,” Easter eggs, and of course the web presence.

The site is no longer active, but you can still see some of the features via the Way Back Machine at this link.

Livliga is a company that makes dining ware for portion control. I designed and populated their site, including a fully capable online shopping cart, blog, and user account interface.

You can visit Livliga at this link.