English is, hard. Most people confuse words that sound or look the same for homonyms, when to be a true homonym they have to sound AND look the same. Learn the difference between homographs, homophones, heterographs, heteronyms, and homonyms in this simple kinetic text animation.

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. So, too, has the way we interact with it and with each other. From socialization, to the redefining of our work spaces, to the convenience of our homes, there is no stone left upturned in our lives by the revolution of a connected world.

Sir Isaac Newton is infamous for his many contributions to the world of science. Chief among these are his conclusions and theories on the way things move. We will explore Newton’s laws of motion in this short animation.

Earth Day should be everyday! Did you know that what you eat may be harming your environment?? Learn how simple changes to your diet can help save our mother Earth.

A to-scale representation of Earth’s Geologic Time Scale. Despite being longer than I am tall, humanity appears only as a sliver of a line compared to the life of the Earth.

Interview with Frank Dellafemina about the two main characters of his comic series, Mason and Niki Wells, aka Mace and Sputnik.

Mace and Sputnik is an animated cartoon about the struggles of raising your teenage sister after the death of your parents. Oh, and you are both superheroes.

Technology Competencies

Video Editing
Visual Effects
Web Design
Sound Design